Upcoming Workshop

Why not come along to my upcoming workshop on Saturday 5th September:  Intuitive You.     Are you curious, looking for inspiration, skills & tips on all things intuition, then this workshop is for you.      And here is why ……

🙏   Using your intuition is EMPOWERING

When you have better trust in yourself, you have faith in your ability to accomplish your goals and intentions.   You feel safe and secure realising you’re inner knowing is ever present guiding you in all aspects of your life.

🙏   Using your intuition provides CLARITY

Despite the busyness of life, when you stop, listen and trust your intuition you’re provided with insight into the best direction to move in.   It helps to sift through all of the information you are receiving consciously and unconsciously in order to make the best decision.

🙏   Using your intuition leads to a HAPPIER LIFE

Listening to your intuition, is listening to your soul.   Your soul guides you and helps you create a happier and more peaceful life that is more focused on your Self.   Listening to yourself and your surroundings allows you to live more fully with joy and happiness.

I’d love to see you for what will be a fun and insightful afternoon.  

For more information please follow the link:      WORKSHOP