Helping you find a pathway from chaos to joy.

An experienced tarot reader and a natural healer I’m recognised for my down to earth approach to a contemporary spiritual life.   A wealth of spiritual experience along with a rich corporate background my work has influenced clients from all walks of life. 

Using some or all of the below:

Tarot Reading,
Intuitive energy healing,
Crystals, Essential Oils, Smudging, Sounds etc

I help provide insight to break down barriers to old beliefs, release past hurt and through Tarot provide direction.    An energy healing, or soul healing, focuses on bringing harmony to your life.   Subtle energy shifts, clearing negative energy, balancing the chakras all affect emotional release and help heal.

Ultimately my goal is to help you find a pathway from chaos to joy by accessing your own wisdom and trusting your intuition.

I offer you a nurturing space both physically and emotionally where we dig deep to find direction in many aspects of your life. 

Guided by your needs on the day,  I use a variety of technics and allow the Universal source to guide me ensuring that each session is specific to you. 

 My goal is to help heal and empower you to live, learn and bloom by connecting with your own inner wisdom.   And…… live a life you truly love.

Please take a few minutes to connect with me on a more personal level at:

or call:      0497 980 702