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the wonders of technology

No doubt about it, it’s unprecedented times.

Now more than every we’re looking for direction, want to feel grounded and focus on what really matters.

A tarot reading is ideal for finding clarity in all these matters.

You may be stuck in the house but ohhhh the wonder of technology!

Readings are now available via Messenger or Zoom.

Half Hour $50

One Hour $90

If you’d like to book, use the ‘make a booking’ button, or give me a call 0497 980 702.

OnlineApril 2020


Day 1's extract is from the book 'Soulpreneurs' by Yvetter Luciano

Day 1 When you think about change, what holds you back?  What is stopping you?

We live in a world where many people continue on a path that was chosen for them, or one that they once chose for themselves but no longer aligns with their joy, their soul.  The way you live your life is the greatest lesson you can teach others.  Lead by example.  Give others the confidence to change what is no longer working in their lives.   Be the inspiration!   Be the one who takes the risk.  Security and safety are important, but not at the sacrifice of your soul.

While making major life or career changes can be terrifying, always remember there is something worse;  regret!   What could be worse than living with the fear and regret that you didn’t take the risk?   Seize the day and make the change


Now more than ever we need to move from Overwhelm to Clarity, Chaos to JOY

If stepping outside your house seems overwhelming, let me help you move from:

💚 Overwhelm to Clarity

💚 Chaos to Joy

How you may be asking….. Simple, by embracing technology 📧💻📱

If you’re looking for clarity, guidance or reassurance its all available without you having to leave the house.

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February Circle

Its going to be fantastic

February circle is on Wednesday 12th ;   7pm to 9.30pm

I’m excited about the topic this month and will have something special for all who attend.

Investment:   $20 which includes a light supper.

So looking forward to seeing you.    Please let me now if you can attend.

Feb circle header

Thank you


Thank you to the beautiful ladies who attended January’s Women’s Circle.   It was a lovely evening and all proceeds have been donated to the RSPCA Bushfire Appeal to help all animals great and small.

Next Circle is on Wednesday 12th February.     I’ve a special treat in mind for all who attend.

Circle web


What if giving wasn't wasteful?

I’ve been encouraging everyone around me to think differently this year about Christmas gift giving.     I can definitely feel a swell of consciousness around the sheer volume of waste created this time of year and the desire to do things differently.

There is no denying its super easy to get caught up in the frenzy of buying…. every shop is sensory overload with visual gift displays, food smells, etc.      But please before you add one more ‘gift’ to your basket, (more plastic, paper & food to landfill)         … ask yourself

‘Is this item needed/wanted/will it get used, or am I just buying because I feel I have to?’

Wouldn’t it be better to give your family and loved ones, something they can actually use?

Give the gift of a voucher, there is one for everyone, here are some thought starters:

  • Almost everyone gets their hair cut.    How about gift certificates from your local hairdresser or barber?
  • Who doesn’t love being pampered – massage or pedicure or beard trim?
  • A night out:    Buy a voucher to a local owner-run restaurant.
  •  What about supporting your favourite café by buying some vouchers to breakfast?
  • Yoga –    I’d highly recommend Amber Tree Yoga at Graceville.    The studio is set amongst the trees in Graceville, Brisbane, it’s a peaceful sanctuary away from the sometimes hectic pace of life.   Amber Tree is a space to share your love of yoga with friendly instructors who have a passion for giving back to the community.

last but certainly not least….

The ULTIMATE voucher:        the gift of guidance, wisdom and balance.   

A visit to me of course (yes a shameless plug!)         

You can order your Gift Vouchers by emailing:            

These can be sent electronically, or I can post a printed one on your behalf.
Gift Voucher Copy2

Remember, this isn’t about big National chains — this is about supporting local small business.


This Christmas make a difference and give a gift that means something to you, the planet and supports small business.


Why you MUST prioritise YOU time.

It’s crazy season.     The shops are getting super busy and the level of energy is already starting to get frantic.     We’ve all so much to do….. or we THINK we’ve so much to do this time of year that it’s easy to get caught up and settle into OVERWHELM.

Be kind to yourself and give yourself permission to free up some time to come along to the last CIRCLE of 2019.     

We’ll be looking briefly at 2019 and setting ourselves up for a wonderful 2020.

Wednesday 11th December,    7pm – 9.30pm

Payment via bank transfer:             BSB:   124 054          Acc:     22267356                Ref:   Your name

$20 which includes a light supper.

If you wish to pay on the night please message me to confirm your attendance.

Dec circle header

Not to be missed: Vision Board Workshop Friday 29th November 2019

Using the ‘Wheel of Intention’, we looking briefly at 2019 and review the main areas in your life. Helping us identify key areas of strength/focus/change in 2020.

It’s an easy, insightful and thought-provoking way to pinpoint aspects of the life you wish to achieve in 2020.

Then the fun begins….. as we create our vision boards over a glass of bubbles.

$50 per person includes all material and a glass of bubbles.


You too can create a masterpiece just like this giving you 2020 Vision !

Rose VB 2020

2020 Vision Board Workshop

This is going to be something you will love.    An insightful look back at 2019 using the ‘Wheel of Intention’  to help identify the key areas where you need to focus, change or stay strong in 2020.    Then the fun begins where we each create a vision board using pictures, words and a bit of art.    Don’t worry if you can use scissors you’ll be fine.

All materials are provided and to help the evening along there is also a glass of bubbles included 

Vision Board workshopFB_EvB


Tickets available via     Eventbrite

Or if  you prefer, bank transfer:

BSB:    124 054

Acc:     22267356

Ref:     your name


Whits fur yeh, won’t go by yeh

A Scottish saying to remind us that Fate is always at work!


Full Moon time is often a time when emotions and moods run high.

I was reminded this morning of an old Scottish saying ‘whits fur yeh won’t go by yeh.

which roughly translates to …. What is meant for you by fate, won’t pass you by.                Basically, if it’s part of your fate in life, it will happen.

If you’re feeling impatient, disappointed when things don’t go your way today, your negative emotions may be heighted.    However, NOW is the perfect time to shine a torch on things previously veiled.

What I mean by that is …. the full moon ‘illuminates’ the way…… therefore ask yourself:   What do I need to see about myself or a situation.

Today if you don’t get what you want, things are cancelled or don’t pan out as you expect look within and see what was previously hidden.   It may be your own old beliefs and behaviours or situation that now illuminated and looking with wise eyes you can scrutinise and see clearly what may not have been previously been visible.

The Scottish saying reminds us that ultimately FATE is always at work.

Trust is key here, trust that what is happening or NOT happening is all part of the bigger picture.     It’s wise to know and accept that we get what we need in life, not necessarily what we want.   If things don’t go your way today …. remember if it’s part of fate’s plan for you, …. it will happen.     But only the universe knows when you’ll be ready to receive it.